Lodovico Toeput, called Pozzoserrato (Anversa 1550 - Treviso 1604) Attr.

     "San Girolamo in the landscape" oil on canvas cm. 111x147

     Origin Casino Rospigliosi Albano-Rome,Gesuiti Albano, Padri Giuseppini San L. Murialdo

     Restoration and attributive researches. Involved Denis Mahon, Clovis Withfield, Marc Mc Donnell.

     Private collection. 



     Scientific Instrumentation

   - Optical and Digital Microscopes (Dino Lite, pc prepared) 

     - Riflettoscophy I.R. system (lamp I.R., CCD camera, special filter, monitor)

     - Fluorescence U.V. lamps

     - SRL and Digital photografic equipment, macro and micro lens

     - Various lenses and illuminators

    Complete equipment for restoration

  - Maimeri special resin colours for restoration

    - Solvents and thinners

    - Adhesives and consolidants

    - Special tools for restoration

    - Special materials

   Contacts and international relations

  - Contacts with worldwide experts

   - Relations with the major auction houses

   - Cooperation with external specialized laboratories 





  - Over 1500 texts, with computerized search of the names

   - Dictionaries, monographs, texts of history of art, historical sources

   - Manual of restoration, texts of diagnostic

   - Documentation archive of restorations

   - Catalogs of exhibitions and museums, auction catalogs

   - Internet database



    Art & Restoration Consulting

   Old Master and XIX° c. Paintings


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