Services offered



   Private workshop that offers the following services:


    - all restorations for paintings on canvas and wood

    - iconographic, stylistic and attributive researches

    - specific diagnostic analysis

    - advise for the purchase or sale of paintings

    - estimate of the market value of the paintings




    Warranty expressly provided

    - utmost professionality, integrity and confidentiality

    - methods and materials according to the criteria of ICR Rome and

      OPD Florence

    - complete and detailed documentation of interventions

    - competitive and reasonable prices

    - delivery on time

    - pick up and return home if required

  Old Masters and XIX° c. Paintings











      Diagnostic Analysis






 Art & Restauration Consulting

Old Masters and XIX° c. Paintings


 Studio-Lab. Corso Repubblica, 64 (Centro Storico) 00040 Castel Gandolfo, Rome-Italy

p. iva  11355761005        c. f.    SPGCSR43C15G337H


 ph. +39 6 9361465 mob.   +39 3339578925     






 - Velinatura of the surface

- Consolidation of the layers

- Repair of tears and inserts

- Removal of the old linings or patches

- Complete or partial linings

- Replacement of old frames

- Repair of the cracks of the boards

- Grouting the gaps

- Painting reintegration of the gaps

- Protective coatings



 - Iconografic

- Stilystic

- Historical-Philological

- Attributive


(at the laboratory)

- Optical and Digital Microscopy

- Fluorescence U.V.

- Reflettography I.R.

( outside)

- Radiography RX

- Spettrography I.R.

- Stratigraphy

- Fluorescence XRF

- other specialistic analysis


  - Contacts with worldwide experts

  - Contacts with the major auction houses

  - Support to the international sales

  - Market value estimations

  - Purchase support

  - Import/export Ministerial authorizations

  - Insurance Services and Transport