More than 1000 restorations and

  consulting,  made over the last 30 years,


  all documented in detail  


 Realizations of particular importance


 Jusepe de Ribera called Spagnoletto (Jativa 1591- Napoli 1652)

"San Girolamo" oil on canvas cm. 76x63, signed and dated 1643.

Attribution confirmed by Nicola Spinosa. Private  collection.

Researches and advice to the sales at Dorotheum Vienna, 2011

Sold at 237.000 euro (estimate 100.000-120.000 euro).


  J. B. Camille Corot (Paris 1796 - Ville D'Avray 1875)

  "Napoli landscape with Castel Dell'Ovo" oil on paper cm. 33,5x60, signed low right

  Researches and diagnostic analyses, study of attribution. Attribution confirmed by Martin Dieterle

  of Paris. Support to the sales done at Christie's London in 2010. Sold at 770.000 euro (estimated

  600.000-1.000.000 £). Private collection.   


    Tiziano Vecellio (Pieve di Cadore 1480 - Venezia 1586) Attr. workshop

    "The Penitent Magdalene" oil on canvas cm. 115x98, hidden under a modern repainting.

    Complete restoration, analyses and tests. Attribution and historical researches in progress.

    Private collection.



   Andrea Vaccaro (Napoli 1604 - 1670) Part.

   "The Penitent Magdalene" oil on canvas cm. 130x98

   Support for attribution and sales. Attribution confirmed by Nicola Spinosa.

   Private collection.


  Giovanni Francesco Barbieri called Guercino (Cento 1591 - Bologna 1666) Attr., Part.

   "Selfportrait" oil on canvas cm.  71x58 .

   Consulting for the attribution and sales . Expertise by Andrea Emiliani. Involved Nicolas Turner.

   Confirmation still pending. Private collection.



         Guido Reni (Bologna 1574-1642) Part.

       "Angel  Announcing" oil on canvas cm. 58x45 

        Restoration and consulting of attribution. Attribution declared by Stephen Pepper in 2000,

        confirmed by Sir Denis Mahon in 2002.

        Private collection.


         Pompeo Batoni (Lucca 1707-Roma 1787) Part.

        "Portrait of Sir Richard Littelton" oil on canvas cm. 135x99

        Restoration and consulting of attribution. Involved Peter Bowron and Francesco Petrucci.

        Confirmation still pending. Private collection.

         Girolamo Lanino (Vercelli 1555-1610) workshop of Bernardino

        "Mars and Venus" oil on canvas cm. 126x97

         Coming from Fam. Acquaviva d'Aragona Conti di Conversano

         Varied replica of the painting by Bernardino at Petit Palais in Paris

         Restoration, researches of attribution. Private collection.

        Hubert Robert (Parigi (1733-1808)

        "The tomb of Orazi and Curiazi in Albano" oil on canvas cm. 63x111

        Consulting on attribution. Involved Joseph Baillo of N.Y. and Wildenstein Institute in Paris.

        Private collection.

        Peter Roos called Rosa da Tivoli (Francoforte 1655-Roma 1706) Part.

        "Scenes of sheperds with goats" pair of paintings oil on canvas cm. 99x74 each.

        Restoration and verification of attribution. Sales support. Private collection.




        Anthony Van Dyck (Anversa 1599 - Londra 1641) Attr.

        "Madonna with Child" oil on canvas tela cm. 124x96

        Consulting for attribution. Diagnostic Analysis. Private collection.

        Involved Susan Barnes USA.


        Francesco Graziani called Ciccio Napoletano (Capua, active in Naples in XVII° c.) one of a pair

       "Battles" a pair of paintings oil on canvas cm. 30x76

        Consulting and verify of attribution. Involved Filippo Pedrocco of Venice and Giancarlo Sestieri of

        Rome. Private collection.


       Giovanni Maria Morandi (Firenze 1622 - Roma 1717)

       "Portrait of Papa Alessandro VII° Chigi" oil on canvas cm. 71x59

        Restoration and consulting of the attribution. Attribution confirmed by Francesco Petrucci.

        Private collection.


        Giovanni Andrea Carlone (Genova 1636 - 1697)

        "St. John the Evangelist at Patmos" oil on canvas cm. 124x178

        Restoration and consulting of attribution. Attribution confirmed by Mary Newcome of Berlin.

        Private collection.



        Max Liebermann (Berlino 1847 - 1935) Attr.

        "Landscape with figure" oil on wood cm.18x31, signed with etching on the color

        Consulting to verify the attribution. Involved Matthias Eberle and Markus Krause of Berlin.

        Proved as a false. Private collection.

         Francois De Nomè detto Monsù Desiderio (Metz 1593 - 1640) Attr.

         "Deposit of antique Marbles and wayfarers"  oil on canvas cm. 14,5x27 , a sketch

        Consulting for the attribution. Involved Rosaria Nappi from Napoli.

        Private collection.

         Carl Spitzweg (Monaco 1808 - 1885) signed with monogram

        "Girls on the hill" oil on canvas cm. 30x41

         Restoration and consulting of attribution and sales.

         Attribution confirmed by Christian Jensen of Hamburg.  Private collection.

          Giovanni Ventura Borghesi (Città di Castello 1640 - 1704)

          "Arianna with a Young winged Bacchus" oil on canvas cm. 38x41, signed on the back of the canvas

          Consulting for attribution. Attribution confirmed by Francesco Petrucci.

          Private collection. 

         Giovan Battista Gaulli (Genova 1639 - Roma 1709)

        "St. Joseph with Child" oil on canvas cm. 115x96

         Consulting of attribution and sales support. Previous attribution to G.A. Petrini.

         Attribution confirmed by Francesco Petrucci. Autograph replica of the picture in Pasadena.

         Private collection.

         Domenico Costa (Viterbo 1786 - 1856)

        "The Birth of the Virgin" oil on canvas cm. 263x286

         Recovered in 88 fragments from the Banner of Vasanello, view of the back

         Restoration and researches of attribution. Involved the experts Italo Faldi, Lodovica Trezzani,

         U.V. Fishcer Pace. Historical researches by Elisa Rastelli. Archive paper that confirm

         the attribution. Private collection.



         Giovanbattista Salvi called Sassoferrato (Sassoferrato 1602 - Roma 1685)

         "Jesus as a boy Salvator Mundi" oil on canvas cm. 42x36

         Consulting on the attribution and various researches. Private collection.


       Giovanni Fattori (Livorno 1825 - Firenze 1908) signed

      "Stationary horse" oil on panel cm. 14,5x28

       Consulting for attribution confirmation. Proved as a false.

       Involved Matteucci Institut of  Florence.

       Private collection.


        English school, late XVI° century

        "Portrait of William Shakespeare alive" oil on canvas cm. 63x49

        Consulting, researches and diagnostic analysis done in Shangai. Investigations still in progress.

        Private collection.

           Francesco Trevisani (Capodistria 1656 - Roma 1746)

          "Lucrezia" oil on canvas cm. 98x74, with label inscribed Guido Reni.

           Consulting of attribution and sales support.

           Attribution confirmed by Francesco Petrucci. Private collection.

            Andrea Solario (Milano 1470 - 1524) From

          "Madonna with the green pillow" oil on panel round cm. 40x40

           Consulting of attribution, diagnostic analysis. Involved Alan Brown in Washington.

           Proved as a copy of late XVI° century master. Private collection.



              Anthony Van Dyck (Anversa 1599 - London 1641) Attr.

              "Portrait of Adam de Coster" oil on panel cm. 25x20

              Consulting and diagnostic analysis. Involved Peter Matthaes in Milano,

              Horst Vey and Susan Barnes USA. Confirmation still pending.

              Private collection. 



           Francesco Furini (Firenze 1603 - 1646) Circle

           "Loth and his daughters" oil on canvas octagonal cm. 98x81

           Restoration and attribution consulting.

           Private collection.

          Giovani Paolo Pannini (Piacenza 1691 - Roma 1767)

        "View of the Colosseum from the Palatine" oil on canvas cm. 48x98, one of a pair

        Restoration of a pair of views. Consulting for attribution.

        Attribution confirmed by Ferdinando Arisi in Piacenza. Private sales support.

        Private collection.         



           Teofilo Patini (Casteldi Sangro 1840 - Napoli 1906)

           "Portrait of the mother" oil on canvas cm. 42,5x38 , signed on the back of the canvas

           Restoration and attribution consulting. Private collection.   

           Albert Fourié ( Parigi 1854 - 1896) 

          "Naked girl in the Woods" oil on panel cm.  16x22, signed

           Restoration and verify the attribution. Private collection.     


          Leonardo Coccorante (Napoli1680 - 1750)

       "Coastal view with bystanders" oil on canvas cm.75x118

       Restoration and consulting for attribution, and private sales support.

       Private collection.   


           Giovan Battista Salvi called Sassoferrato (Sassoferrato 1609 -  Roma 1685)

        "The Virgin announcied"  oil on canvas cm.75x60,5, during the restoration

        Recovered fron a ruined state and consulting for attribution.

        Private collection.   


          Giuseppe Diziani (Venezia 1732 - 1803)

      "Davide and Abigail" oil on canvas cm. 28x41, sketch signed Paolo Veronese

       Consulting for attribution. Retourned to Giuseppe Diziani by Filippo Pedrocco Venice.

       Private collection.   

           Giulio Capasso, Circle of Massimo Stanzione 

        "The Marriage of the Virgin" oil on canvas cm. 146x185

        Restoration, discovering of the signature by Riflettography I.R. Giulio Capasso 1669

        Consulting for attribution. Private collection.


             Jacopo Amigoni (Venezia 1675 -Madrid1752) Attr.

          A pair of paintings "Ester and Assuero" and "David worships idols" two oils on canvas

          cm. 61x76 each. Consulting for attribution, involved Annalisa Scarpa Sonnino Venice.

          Private collection.


               Caravaggio school of XVII° c., Attr.

           "Head of Bacchus" oil on panel cm. 36x30

           Consulting for attribution. Proved as a XIX° c. imitation.

           Analisi Spettrografic analysis of the wood support, involved Peter Matthaes in Milano

           Private collection.


               Guido Cagnacci (Sant' Arcangelo Romagna 1601 - 1663)

          "The Crucifix" oil on panel cm. 34x23 , signed on the back

           Restoration and attribution consulting. Private consulting.

              Lorenzo Pasinelli  (Bologna 1629 - 1700)

         "The sleeping Cupid" oil on canvas cm.  143x93, with label on the back iscribed

          Consulting of attribution and sales support. Involved Laura Bartoni and Emilio Negro.

          Sold by Dorotheum Vien in 2011  at 76.000 euro (estimate 60-80.000).


              Niccolò Cannicci (Firenze 1846 - 1906)

          "Portrait of the father of Giovanni Fattori" oil on cardboard cm. 38x32

          Signed and iscribed on the back. Restoration and consulting.

          Private collection.



                 De Mauro , neapolitan school XVIII° century

            "The death of Seneca" oil on canvas cm. 110x160, signed and dated 1772 . 

            Restoration and attribution consulting. Private collection.


              Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio (Milano 1571 - Ercole 1610) Attr.

           "The cheats"  oil on canvas cm.  100x131,5

           Consulting on attribution. Various datation analysis. Proved as copy of XVIII° century.

           Involved Sir Denis Mahon . Private collection.


             Andrea Solario (Milano1470 - 1524) Attr.

        "The head of St. John the Baptist" oil on panel cm. 35x48

         Consulting on attribution. Involved Peter Matthaes in Milano and Peter Brown in Whasingon

         Proved as a copy of late XVI° century. Private collection.

               Mattia Preti (Taverna 1613 - La Valletta 1699) Attr.

           "The three Marys at the well" oil on canvas cm. 58x70

           Restoration and attribution consulting.   



        Salvatore Monosilio (Messina 1715 - Roma 1776)

       "Estasi di San Pasquale Baylon" oil on canvas cm. 46x35

        Consulting on attribution. Confirmed by Francesco Petrucci.

        Private collection.

    Alessandro Tiarini (Bologna 1577 - 1668)

    "Saint Antony from Padua" oil on canvas cm. 67,5 x90

    Restoration and consulting for attribution. Confirmed with expertise by

    Emilio Negro. Private collection.

    Giorgio Morandi (Bologna 1890 - 1966) Attr.

    "Still life of bottles" oil on canvas cm. 25 x 35

    Signed. Consulting for attribution. Rejected by Comitato Morandi and

    Marilena Pasquali. Private collection.

    Caravagesque Neapolitan Schol first '600

    "Sleeping child Jesus Christ" oil on canvas cm. 72 x 98

    Restauration and reserchesfor attribution, contacted Nicola Spinosa.

    Sales support. Private collection.


    Giuseppe Moricci (Firenze 1806 - 1879) Attr.

    "Tuscan landscape with figuresand cart" oil on canvas cm. 74,5 x 111

    Restauration and consulting. Contacted Lucia Montigiani.

    Private collection.


    Edoardo Gelli (Savona 1852 - Firenze 1933) Part.

    "Portrait of King Edoardo I°" oil on canvas cm. 136 x 94

    Signed and dated 1898. Restauration and historical researches.

    Private collection.

     Jean-Charles Remond (Paris 1795 - 1875) Attr.

     "View of Palatino with Colosseum and Arc of Tito in Rome" oil on paper cm. 28 x 38

     Consulting for attribution and sales support.

     Private collection.

    William Hogarth (Londra 1697 - 1764) Attr.

    "Self-portrait of the artist" oil on canvas cm. 76 x 63,5

     Consulting for attributionand sales support.

     Private collection.



  Francesco Zugno (Venezia1709 - 1787) Attr.

  "The Birth of the Virgin" oil on canvas cm. 43,5 x 36,5

   Sales support. Private collection.

  Francesco Hayez (Venezia 1791 - Milano 1882) Attr.

   "La Meditazione" oil on canvas cm. 88 x 72

   Consulting for attribution. Contacted Fernando Mazzocca and Luca

   Massimo Barbero. Private collection.

     Guido Reni (Bologna 1575 -1642) da

     "The Virgin with sleeping Child" oil on canvas cm. 130 x 95,5

     Restauration and researches. Private collection.

    Paolo De Matteis (Piani del Cilento 1662 - Napoli 1728) Attr.

     "Saint Francis from Paola" oil on canvas cm. 50 x 37

     Restauration and attribution consulting. Attribution proposed by Francesco Petrucci.

     Private collection.

      French School first '800

      "Portrait of a Young lady" oil on panel   cm. 40,5 x 32

      Previous attribution to Francesco Hayez rejected by Fernando Mazzocca.

      Researches still ongoing. Private collection.


      Pio Joris (Rome 1843 - 1921)

      "View of Albano Lake with Rocca di Papa and Monte Cavo" oil on canvas cm. 60 x 100

      Signed and dated 1917. Restauration. Private collection.

      Giovanni Ghisolfi (ilano 1623 - 1683)

      "Capriccio with roman ruines and classical figures" oil on canvas cm. 72,5 x 98

      Restauration . Attribution consulting and sales support. Private collection.



     Jean Baptiste Santerre (Magny en Vexin 1658 - Parigi 1717)

      "The Sibilla" oil on canvas cm. 44,5 x 35

      Attribution consulting, confirmed by Emilio Negro. Sales support.

      Private collection.                         


      Leonardo De Mango (Bisceglie 1843 - 1921)

       "Along the Golden Horn" oil on canvas cm. 31 x 45,5

        Signed and dated 1884. Attribution confirmed by Erol Akzume.

        Consulting and sales support with Dorotheum Vienna and Christie's London

         Private collection.



       Andrea Sacchi (Nettuno 1599 - Rome 1661) Attr.

       "Saint Gregory miracle" oil on canvas cm. 135 x 99

       Restauration and attribution consulting.

       Private collection.           


        Tiziano Vecellio (Pieve di Cadore 1485 - Venezia 1576) da

         "Madonna with  cherries, sacred conversation" oil on canvas cm. 76 x 100

         Restauration and attribution consulting.

         Private collection.         

       Giuseppe De NIttis (Barletta 1846 - S. Germain Le Haye 1884)

       "Pugliese Street" oil on  cardboard cm. 26,5 x 40

        Signed and dated 1875. Autography confirmed by de Nittis Foundation

        and Prof. Capitani. Restauration and consulting. Private collection       

        Augus Riedel (Bayeruth 1799 - Roma 1883) Attr.

       "Portrait of Vittoria Caldoni" oil on canvas cm. 78,5 x 64

        Restauration and attribution consulting.

        Private collection.


        Salvator Rosa (Napoli 1915 - Roma 1673) Attr.

         "Saint Francis receiving the stigmate" oil on canvas cm. 72,5 x 98

         Signed on the back with monogram S R. Restauration and attribiution

         consulting. Private Collection.

Hendrik Voogd (Amsterdam 1768 - Roma 1839) Attr.

"View of Acquedotto Claudio with M.te Cavo" oil on canvas cm. 74 x 93

Restauration and attribution consultancy. Contacts with Rijsksmuseum .

Sales support. Private property.


             Gian Domenico Cerrini (Perugia 1609 - Roma 1681) Attr.

        "Allegory of eternal youth" oil on canvas cm. 117x176

         Restoration. Attribution study still in progress.  Involved Emilio Negro in Bologna, and

         Laura Bartoni in Rome. Private collection.   

Jean Ernest Aubert (Parigi 1824 - 1906)

"Triunph of cupids" oil on arched panel cm. 76 x 63

Inscription on frame and on the back.

Support for iconography and attribution. Private collection.

Virgilio Guidi (Roma 1891 - Venezia 1984)

"Portrait of is wife" oil on canvas cm. 75 x 62

Attribution consultancy and sales support.

Private collection. 

Louis De Boullogne The Young (Parigi 1654 - 1733) Attr.

"The judgement of Paris" oil on canvas cm. 105 x 149

Restauration, attribution and sales support.

Private collection.

Pieter Paul Rubens (Siegen 1577 - Antwerp 1640) Attr.

"Portrait of a child" oil on canvas cm. 58 x 48

Expertise of Maurizio Marini. Contacts with Christopher Brown, Ben Van Beneden and Nils Buettner. 

Negative material analysis from Art&Co Camerino.

Private property.

Giovan Battista Salvi called Sassoferrato (Sassoferrato 1609 - 1685)

"Praying Madonna" oil on canvas cm. 42,5 x 32,5

Restauration and attribution consultancy.

Private collection.

Ippolito Caffi (Belluno 1809 - Lissa 1866) 

pair of signed works

"Venice. The Rialto bridge" watercolor on paper cm. 18,8 x 33

"Rome. The Tiber to Castel Sant'Angelo" watercolor on paper cm. 21 x 34,7

Consultancy for restauration and sale. Restauration by Simone Martini Florence. Private collection.

Angelo Solimena (Canale di Serino 1629 - Nocera Inferiore 1716)

"Lamentation on dead Christ with angels" oil on canvas cm. 186 x 456)

Restauration and attributive consultancy.

Autograph confirmed by Prof. Mario Alberto Pavone.

Private collection.


Alessandro Turchi called L'Orbetto (verona 1578 - Roma 1649) Attr.

"Madonna with Child" oil on copper cm. 22,2 x 17,5

Attribution by Mina Gregori Florence. Sales support.

Private collection.

Giuseppe Latini detto Maestro del Ricciolo, forgher in Rome

active first XX° c.

"Venice. View of San Giorgio Maggiore and Punta della Giudecca"

pen and white lead on paper cm. 16,5 x 27,5

Previous attribution to canaletto. Involved Prof. Alberto Craievich.

Private collection.

Simone del Tintore (Lucca 1630 - 1708) Attr. 

"Stillife with mushrooms, orange and white bowl

"Stillife with dried fruit and chesnuts" both oil on canvas cm. 60 x 93,5

Pair of painting pendent. Restauration and attributive support.

Private collection.

Giovanni Maria delle Piane detto Il Molinaretto

(Genova 1660 - Monticelli 1745) Attr.

"Ritratto di Francesco Farnese Duca di Parma e Piacenza"

oil on oval canvas cm. 97 x 73

Restauration and attribution support. Privete collection. 

Francesco Podesti (Ancona 1800 - Roma 1895) Attr.

"Ritratto del Cardinale Gustav Adolf von Hoenlohe-Schillingfurst

(Rothenburg 1823 - Roma 1896) oil on canvas cm. 98 x 74,5  

Restauration and ichonographic and attribution support.

Private collection.

Thomas Gainsborough (Sudbury 1727 - Londra 1788) Attr.

"Ritratto di signora" pastel drawing on paper cm. 32 x 24

Consultancy for attribution. Hugh Belsey involved did not confirm the attribution. Private collection.

Giuseppe Moricci (Firenze 1806 - 1880)

"The joung painter" oil on canvas cm. 72,5 x 60, signed

Restauration and sale support. Private collection.

Onorio Marinari (Firenze 1627 - 1715)

"Madonna with child" oil on canvas cm. 119 x 97

Restauration and attribution support. Involved Francesca Baldassari.

Sales support. Private collection.

Jacob Philipp Hackert (Prenziau 1737 - Careggi 1807)

"A river landscape with fishermen" oil on canvas cm. 33,5 x 42,5

Restauration and attribution support. 

Private collection.

Andrea Vaccaro (Napoli 1600 - 1670) pair

"Couple of young ladies" both oil on canvas cm. 52,5 x 39,5

Attribution and sales support.

Attributive confirmation of Riccardo Lattuada.

Private collection.

Peter Paolus Rubens (Siegen 1577 - Antwerp 1640) Circle

"San Francesco di Paola" oil on copper cm. 25,3 x 13,3

Attribution support and sale consultancy. XRF Analisys  by MIDA Rome

Attribution confirmation by Antonio Gesino.

Wannenes Genoa Sale, estimated 200 - 500 euro, sold for 24.000 euro.

Private collection.

Peter Paolus Rubens (Siegen 1577 - Antwerp 1640) Workshop

"Holy family with Sant'Anna" oil on canvas cm. 125 x 97

Pubblished in Didier bodart, Rubens, n° 685a pag. 186, Mondadori 1985

Consultancy for technical analisys involved MIDA Rome, Claudio Falcucci.

Historical researches for ex Pinacoteca Filangeri Palermo.

Involved Nils Buettner and Annette Kollmann, Stuttgart.

Sales support. Private collection.

Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg (Strasburg 1740 - Chiswick 1812) Attr.

"Shipwreck near a coast" oil on canvas cm. 72 x 115

Restauration and attribution consultancy. Contacts with selby Wittingam, Nigel London. Involved Volka Artcurial. XRF Analisys MIDA Rome.

Private Collection.

Lombard-Venetian school XVIII° c.

" Allegory of the five senses" oil on canvas cm. 91 x 112

Attribution consultancy. Contacts with various scholars.

Private collection.

Peter Paolus Rubens (Siegen 1577 - Antwerp 1640) from

"Santa Teresa d'Avila intercedes for souls in purgatory" 

oil on panel cm. 54 x 39,5

Restauration and analises I.R. Spettrography for support datation. Private collection.  

Giuseppe Raggio (Chiavari 1823 -Roma 1916)

"Portrait of a buttero, or self-portrait" oil on canvas cm. 79 x 60

Restauration and attribution consultancy. Involved Renato Mammuccari. Private collection.

Paul Chabas (Nantes 1869 - Paris 1937)

"La bagneause" oil on cardboard cm. 30 x 24

Sales support. Private collection.

Matthaus Gunderlach (Kassel 1566 - Antwerp 1656)

"Madonna and Child reading" oil on panel cm. 33 x 19 

Fragmentary panel from altarpiece of San Simone by Barocci.

Involved Emilio Negro. Private collection. 

Alessandro Allori (Firenze 1535 - 1607 ) Attr.

"Annunciation" oil on canvas cm. 97,5 x 157,5

Restauration, attributive research and technical analysis.

Private collection.

Gregorio Preti (Taverna 1603 - Roma 1672) Attr.

"Sant'Agostino" oil on canvas cm. 66 x 49,5

Previous attribution to Mattia Preti by Giuseppe Fiocco in 1967.

Sales Support

Francesco Trevisani (Capodistria 1626 - Roma 1746)

"The birth of the Virgin" oil on canvas cm. 76 x 63

Sketch for the altarpiece of the church of Santa Cristina in Bolsena.

Restauration and attributive consultancy. Involved Francesco Petrucci.

Sales support. private collection.

Giovan Francesco Barbieri detto Il Guercino (Cento 1591 - Bologna 1666) Attr.

"St. Thomas the Apostle" oil on canvas cm. 82 x 67

Restauration and attributive consultancy.Involved Emilio Negro.

Private collection.

Gioacchino Toma (Galatina 1836 - Napoli 1891 ) Attr.

"Ursuline of Mantua" oil on canvas cm. 19,2 x 14,4

Various technical checks. Private collection.

Nicola bertuzzi, detto L'Anconitano (Ancona 1710 -Bologna 1777) Attr.

"The seven holy founders of the Servite Order" oil on canvas cm. 76 x 96,5

Previously attributed to Giuseppe Maria Crespi. Involved scholars Massimo Pulini, Pietro di Natale and Daniele Benati.

Restauration and attribution consultancy. Private collection.

Giulio Clovio (Croazia 1498 - Roma 1578) Circle

"Young Jesus" oil and gold on copper cm. 22,7 x 17,3

Cleaning and conservative restauration. Attributive consultancy.

Private collection.

Francesco Fracanzano (Monopoli 1612 - Napoli 1656) Attr.

"Saint Peter penitent" oil on canvas cm. 62 x 46

Restauration,  recovered from a very bad state of conservation.

Attributive support. Private collection.

Pre-Raphaelite school of the 19th century

"Lia and Rachele" oil on canvas cm. 50,5 x 40

Restauration and attributive consultancy.

Private collection.

Jusepe de Ribera, called Spagnoletto (Jativa 1591 - Napoli 1652) Workshop

" Saint Jerome writing" oil on canvas cm. 98 x 74

Attributive consultancy. Involved Nicola Spinosa and Felton Craig. 

Sales support. Private collection.



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